221b Baker Street

221b Baker Street


Seventeen steps upon heaven

Graced by light steady hands,

Dressing silk gowns flowing freely

Whisping elementally feathering lands.


Chased by the loves of wanting closure

And the hunger from drooling hounds,

Opium filled hallways, a stench of pleasured desire

Follows mindful kaleidoscopic sound.


Whose fingers trail the delicate spine ?

..Of one who comes to eat pain,

Who’s tired limbs ascend into Sherlock’s darkness

Asking questions for time and again.


Who seeks out the wolf in sheep’s clothing ?

..Within his solace of lamp-lighted eve,

Who knocks for wisdom and simple decree

And swishes tails between legs by their leave.


Come hither on buttoned leather chair

Let eyes peruse characters bared,

Equations are simple when eyebrows are raised

For his answers can ne’er be shared.


221b Baker Street
221b Baker Street


© Nick Hawkins, 11/30/09, poetry rights reserved


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