Black Cider Rains (Tears of an Angel)


I see your wishes scribing reams

Words so feeble in tentative throes

Trying to adhere to some sort of substance

Drowning cerebrally in the hordes you loathe

I see your image, it never doth change

Whether be vibrant, timid or stained

It arcs above angels hiding from crowds

Beneath clouds seeping black cider rains

I know you’re walking broken eggshells

Slicing soles upon sharpened debris

Holding your head whilst tied to the edge

In a life constantly failing to be

I pity the maze of missed opportunity

The dreams that wilt by cold beds

An intelligence forging down rose tinted roads

Wishing what should have been of, instead

I move toward an understanding assuming

You’re now alone on steps you adorn

Crying with emotion whilst always at one

Giving strength to a love to be borne

I wander the gutters of lifeless bodies

That lay trodden by anger’s tentative throes

Trying to adhere to the reasons you’re here

Rolling down tears of your angel’s lost clothes

Tears of an Angel

© Nick Hawkins 7/4/10, all poetry rights. Image owned by Angels of Falling Stars reserved


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