A Vox Poetica Publication…. “I Stand With Giants”

One poem is published then suddenly another appears in the same Anthology. Nick’s ‘I Stand With Giants’ is inspired by an image prompt at Vox Poetica and infused by life, the people I love and the air I breathe comes “I Stand With Giants”……… 

I Stand With Giants

I stand with giants,

Mother Nature’s sentinels,

they covet thy soul and gather moss amongst themselves.


Blazes of streaming trails,

and the sentinels accord protection,

for their own remain diligent in refrain.


She stands with giants,

adorned in garlands of her own dawn,

quiet in her delicate beauty.


Absorbing vast attributes of the largest star,

she caresses light into being,

and her sentinels breathe life.


I am giant,

she takes my hand and leads me to her sanctuary,

inhaling her scents, I exhale with contentment and protect her.


Standing tall, omnipresence infuses smiles,

the sentinels call to arms….

…..I stand with giants.

Standing Giants

©Nick Hawkins, all poetry rights reserved 1/1/10


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