A Vox Poetica Publication……”She Stand’s Up”

She Stands Up is published to this day on the Vox Poetica Poetry Salon out of New Jersey, USA, initially going ‘live’ in 2013 and is a tribute piece to Amanda Woodhouse who is courageously battling Brain Cancer, this poem aims a swipe at those (Mr Bold, Mr Big and Mr Hard Man = ignorance) who need to realize that the biggest battles are not always fought by armies…..I give you “She Stands Up”

She Stand’s Up 

So Mr Bold, Mr Big, the Mr Hard Man, is made to take a good look at himself, this becomes personal and the mirror, usually not large enough, is suddenly too big.

Where does he put his face, his vanity may be spared tonight, as emotion only pierces the warmest hearts.

No one approaches him, no one is impressed by his stance, and don’t ever be fooled, for his audience certainly isn’t. Only empty minds are seen to produce empty words.

Understandingly he takes another glance at his reflection, but this time only sees ‘her’ staring back, perplexed by realisation he comes to terms with life in a moment, noticing her smile, her grace and humility.

 This is his crossroad and hers, he asks “Who holds her hand at night? Who whispers toward light?” Orating in verse he moves her way and decides to stand up….

“Cowards are I, Warriors are her”, his eyes now aware of those who are already in her shadow. Are his short sighted misgivings and nonchalance his weakness and is her strength his fall.

Never has life appeared so fragile and yet so strong in one pendular swing, ceasing to be vacant, mirrors tell him of many hills and vales over many moons, evolving cycles of dreams, wishes and miracles, and of how will she win?

Reward is life, love and a battle dress of beauty surrounded by eternal kindness.

Now she stands up….

She Stand's Up

©Nick Hawkins, 14/10/12, all rights reserved


2 thoughts on “A Vox Poetica Publication……”She Stand’s Up”

  1. You bring tears into my eyes!
    You write so well & understanding. ..
    All emotions are so true. …
    Hidden as can be. …
    Everday is another step !
    Thanks for your poem.

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