A Vox Poetica Publication… “A Poem for Spring”

It’s just nice to be able and write as you feel, but when an editor sees enough quality in your work to publish it on their online salon or better still in print, it makes you feel part of whatever it is you are trying to achieve. Recognition is the milestone of the unambitious guy who wanted to exhale quietly. The poem below is my first published piece by Vox Poetica (in book/print) and is one of my most treasured. Thank you Annmarie and all at Vox.


Poem for Spring


I embrace my eyes to see
Maiden of Beauty I so do feel

sitting on my brow you deliver spring.

Amongst polluted diversions of reality
I can touch lilac silk with porcelain fingers

Winter has slipped silently behind your curtain.

Smiles are borne through image of sun drenched memories that breathe on days we promise to love forever, living is for the blind who see only through nature’s scents

I open my eyes to darkness
I’m awake again, kept from spring by lack of sight

and the Maiden of Beauty I do so feel



©Nick Hawkins, all rights reserved 11/5/10


2 thoughts on “A Vox Poetica Publication… “A Poem for Spring”

  1. I’m glad you like, sometimes just a smile or the comfort of someone getting something from your words is just enough and that I guess is poetry lol !

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