I am Born, I am Awake

I am Born, I am Awake


I awake to where I was before

to walk familiar roads again,

having lived the air I am to breathe

new born, but world the same.

Opening eyes to fluorescent Judaii

and the friends I’ve loved in time,

I’m seeing clearly the rise of words

in an ascent I call a climb.

I eat in places with foods for thought

I know every path that’s lined with fools,

I swim in seas of delicate rich emotions

not poisonous drowning pools.

Closing eyes from a place I was before

to tread these steps again,

I’d be wiser than all those loved and learned

whom betray to laugh the same.

Whispering crowds within loyalty’s airs

only befriend widened smiles adorned

belittling the scowls, mind eyes deliver

from the assassinate shadows scorned.

I eat in restaurants with foods of thought

knowing all courses and menu’s fake,

I swim eternal seas of rich emotions…

….I am born, I’m now awake.

©wASPYPOET (Nick Hawkins), all rights reserved

I am Born, I am Awake

©Nick Hawkins, all poetry rights reserved 2012


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