‘Brothers’, a resounding shout to the strength, love and loyalty that blood bonds. This write was inspired by weekends spent with my young (they’re older now lol !) nephews and the bond between my own brothers and myself.


It’s from strength they take pride 

into a bastion called home,

sharing with those 

never to wander alone. 

It’s a brother in arms 

upon clouds rolling by,

the end of the storm 

unto eyes wondering why. 

It’s the call of the angel 

a love running deep,

and moments in life… 

..that they truly believe. 

It’s from the womb to the playground 

broken toys on the floor,

play fights in the bedrooms 

requited names above doors. 

It’s a brother in arms 

a light to the day, 

like the sea watching shores

and the reasons they stay. 

It’s the pain of the absence 

the connections so free, 

the men in the mirror 

they’ve only both seen. 

It’s youth smiling down 

endless summer’s day haze, 

picking up from a fall 

last hand to first praise. 

It’s a brother in arms 

the roads that they take 

the reasons united, 

over one or the others mistakes. 

It’s the flowing of blood… 

…running silent through veins,

the rivers of life… 

… estuarising the same. 

It’s the years of maturity 

of once boys become men, 

visions casting the future 

of being forever again. 

It’s a brother in arms 

the psychic decree, 

no him without you,

and never you without me. 

It’s the softness of hands 

reaching across oceans of skies 

and the real love that encompasses… 

…their never goodbyes.

©Nick Hawkins (all rights reserved). all rights reserved


2 thoughts on “Brothers

  1. Dear Nick…I simply adore this poem! It is such a beautiful chronology of the bonds and the growth between siblings. So full of love and admiration for one another…well done my dear, well done! Kat

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