Artisans of Poetry

Scrolled for reasons known to the artisans of poetry

Are observations of emotions to be,

Whether falling from heights or sitting in corners

This is where they’re wanting to breathe ?

Opening minds and the flowing of tears

Laughing forever on the peak of sustain,

This freedom to manipulate letters of obsession

Is a passion for perfect refrain.

Written for souls of sober reality

In an age where we’re driven by greed,

Reading of arcs and swirls tempered with curls

Meet with minds with means to succeed.

For exhaling on the rooftop of honest declarations

Is an excitement driven by vigour and verve,

Within scribing of elegant, ambered horizons

Are poetry pleasures the reader’s deserve.

Understand eyes from these artisans of poetry

In their quest to find answers to dreams,

As they strive to solve the mysteries of solace in thought

From the maze of life and a desire to be seen. 


© Nick Hawkins Poetry , all rights copyrighted and reserved 22/12/2008


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