The Boy From Here (Poetry Salon)

Nick Hawkins is the man behind ‘The Boy From Here’ Poetry Salon and his collection of poetry is a minds journey down the differing roads of youthful observation, maturing smiles, poetry romance, fictional embrace and emotions of sadness. 
It is also a chance for Nick to showcase some of his poetry published exclusively (at time of publishing) by Vox Poetica (out of New Jersey, US). The confidence from creating and developing ‘The Boy From Here’ came from the encouragement and publishing of his poetry by US poet and Vox/Unbound Content publishing owner Annmarie Lockhart and Nick is eternally grateful for her taking interest and helping to support the ‘little poet’s out here.
Please take time to read and enjoy ‘the Boy From Here’ and if you wish please leave a comment in the box at the bottom of each ‘write’. 
Currently in 2017 there are 131 permanent followers  to the site reading over 130 poems published in the salon and a total of over 9100 visitors in the 4 years since inception….so thanks to you all for visiting and reading ….
Regards and best wishes


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